Video Instruction

The following videos contain the same content as the instructional DVD, Introducing the Rim Lathe.

Please note that I no longer make my wood jaws as they are shown in the videos. I make them as shown below:

lathe jaws for banjo rim

To the left, jaws which grip the banjo rim from outside for turning the inside of the rim.
To the right, jaws which grip the banjo rim from the inside for turning the outside of the rim.

Lathe jaws for banjo rim mounted on lathe

Jaws mounted on the rim lathe. The aluminum "jumbo jaws" jaws are mounted to the expanding jaw chuck.
I bought the jumbo jaws and chuck from One Way Manufacturing in Canada.
The jaws in the picture are as simple as possible. Just 2 X 4s screwed to the jaws and turned on the lathe.

Rims: Part 1

Rims: Part 2

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Necks: Part 3

Necks: Part 4



Necks: Part 5

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