Rim Lathe Resources



PDF file of how to grind tool bits. I use the same method described in this PDF, but I do not do a "nose radius." I leave a sharp point where the nose radius is. Click here.


The following is a list of essential parts for creating your own rim lathe.

Item Description Vendor Order # Web address Phone
Cross slide Compound slide milling and drilling table Enco 201-2826 www.use-enco.com 800-873-3626
Cross slide handles Replacement for non-rotating handles Enco 990-3300 www.use-enco.com 800-873-3626
Expandable Chuck Expandable Chuck OneWay Stronghold Chuck www.oneway.on.ca 1.800.565.7288
Expandable Chuck Jaws Jumbo Jaws OneWay 2047 www.oneway.on.ca 1.800.565.7288
Tee slot nuts Tee nut for 5/8" slot - 1/2" x 13 thread Enco 407-2625 www.use-enco.com 800-873-3626
Lathe head Lathe head from Grizzly model G0462 Grizzly P0462016A www.grizzly.com 1-800-523-4777
Lathe Grizzly Lathe Grizzly G0462 www.grizzly.com 1-800-523-4777
6" Faceplate Cast iron faceplate Grizzly H7821 www.grizzly.com 1-800-523-4777
Boring Bar 30 degree regrindable boring bar Enco 376-7020 www.use-enco.com 800-873-3626
Dial Indicator Set Black face dial indicator and magnetic base Enco 628-3040 www.use-enco.com 800-873-3626
3/8" tool steel Cobalt tool steel for grinding cutting bits Enco 383-5124 www.use-enco.com 800-873-3626


 If you want to buy a lathe head without the lathe bed and stand, Grizzly Industrial, Inc. sells them as parts. Prices are as of the Summer of 2007.


From Grizzly Lathe Model Part Number Price
G0462: parts diagram P0462016A $289.50
G0584: parts diagram P0584001-1 $262.50
G1495: parts diagram P1495002A $312.50