Maple Rim with Decorative Splines and Purfling

The strength and beauty of block rims can be improved with the use of wood inlays. Stength is increased when you inlay wood strips over the areas where block rim pieces meet. The rim lathe is made capable of this task by attaching a router or laminate trimmer to the cross slides. The following images and descriptions show the basic idea.

The rim pictured here has already been glued up and turned within 1/16" of final dimension. This particular rim features a cocobolo integral tone ring. The brown wood strips perpendicular to the tone ring were inlaid by moving the laminate trimmer while cutting horizonatlly on the cross slide.
The laminate trimmer is mounted to the cross slide. A 1/8" router bit is fitted into the laminate trimmer. The lathe is turned by hand to accomplish the cut. I use a laminate trimmer to avoid tearing the grain.
This shows the channel and the nice tight fit for the inaly strip.
A closeup of the cocobolo tone ring. While I cut the bevel on the spinning lathe, the cocobolo made a pretty ringing tone.
The completed rim from the top.
The completed rim from the bottom.
A herringbone inlay on the bottom of the rim.
Here I wet the wood to emphasize the curly maple grain.